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  • California Human Resources

    What exactly does Human Resources mean?  In our opinion, Human Resources is what connects all of the pieces of the employer – employee relationship.  Tasks as simple as maintaining employee files or as delicate as a termination, HR is commonly written off as an administrative, paper-pushing role.  We see it a bit different.  The role of HR should be 3 fold:

    1.    To build and mold a corporate culture that energizes the workforce to deliver at peak performance the work necessary to achieve the organizations vision.

    2.    To ensure that employees are provided with the proper tools, environment and guidance to reach maximum employee satisfaction and retention.

    3.    To protect the employer from rising employment costs, increased liabilities, and employment-related risks by implementing world-class procedures, documentation, and management of employment related matters.

  • With many companies like ADP® or PayChex® dominating the “Payroll Industry”, what does EO have to offer in this competitive landscape? It is quite simple: small business personal touch!  You will never hear us say “we cannot” or “our corporate office…”.  Just like you, we are here to serve our clients and bringing you that seamless, “feels like we do it in-house” feel is our idea of service.

  • Yes – We offer awesome benefits! Yes – We do so at a great rate! But don’t miss the bigger picture… Having a team of professionals working for you with the right focus is key to ensuring that your benefits package is well structured and designed with the future in mind.  Not driven by commissions or spiffs, we look at your plans strategically and objectively.  With the changes in Health Care Law (commonly referred to as: Obama Care, Health Care Reform Act, Affordable Care Act, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [PPACA]) just around the corner; it is paramount to have a good idea of how it will affect you, how you are going to handle the changes and how to help your employees deal with the changes. You guessed it – that’s where we come in.

  • With millions of dollars in premium currently under management, EO’s risk management & safety department has the tools, experience and ability to help your company navigate the ins and outs of dealing with workplace safety and claims management.  If you are a company that just needs affordable coverage or you are an employer with complex workplace safety needs we can help.

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